The tech that is changing business travel into bleisure!

Bleisure – the evolution of business travel to incorporate more leisure.

It was found in a study by on their members that 49% of business travellers extend their trips to spend leisurely time in the destination they’re working in. This shift has seen millennial workers happy to take jobs with less pay if it involves more travel to see the world whilst working.

This change has opened up a unique space for travel tech that helps roadwarriors, business travellers, and digital nomads to make the jump on their journeys from business to bleisure. Tech needs to be able to accommodate everything the modern traveller will most likely want to do on their trips. And that means no longer separating travel into the defined categories of either business or leisure. Hybrid tech has evolved, giving frequent flyers fast, accessible solutions for booking travel and activities in their destinations.

So…what tech is worth knowing about if you’re in the bleisure business ?


Want to extend your business trip to bleisure, still in the mood for lux, but don’t really fancy picking up the price tag? Don’t sweat it – the HotelTonight app allows you to stay at the best hotels for discounted rates. Perfect for taking full advantage of 5* facilities and releasing work tensions. The best way to feel at home away from home (if not a little bit better).


Sherpa turns Instagram’s best photos into a travel guide. The idea is to take pictures that are already shared by users and reorganise geo-tagged pictures into travel categories.  It’s an emotionally-resonant experience for travellers and you can create your own album-guide on the app. The real aim of the app is to inspire you with beautiful pictures, to help you discover breathtaking places you can add to your bucket list. Or, simply save them to your “suitcase”. The perfect way to quickly navigate a city you’re doing business in to find the more thought-evoking and, of course, Instagram worthy moments on your trip.

As You Stay

Call us crazy, but why pay for a room when you’re not using it? – That’s As You Stay’s main motto. The idea is fairly simple, you pay for the exact hours you stay in the room. You can book a room at any time of the day, as many hours as you wish you don’t even have to stay overnight. Perfect for travellers stuck with a long layover,  for a fresh start after a long flight with a nice shower or for a quick power nap! Ideal when moving from business to leisure and back – as you’ll never have to overpay when it is on your own dime.


Maven is basically the new Uber… that you drive yourself: a car-sharing app which makes it easy for you to go from A-B. You simply download the app, choose the car you want based on what you feel like driving, start driving and arrive safely at your destination thanks to the best technologies and the best prices. Perfect for a quick ride to your next meeting, or maybe for a little road trip to explore the surroundings of new cities.


Technology has already made the world much smaller, now we’re making it much safer – This is GeoSure’s tagline, and we like it! You can now go explore by yourself without ever being scared again. With its up-to-date crime and safety-related statistics, the app gives you a location-specific security score. Now that risk is put behind you, leave the meeting room and go and take the adventure.


Ahoy is the perfect app for all frequent flyers! It allows you to book, and pay for your flights with one-tap. Unlike other search engines, Ahoy offers real-time search results. Flyers have access to a 24/7 chat support for all your flight needs. You receive boarding passes and flight alerts and last but not least you have a simple overview of all flight receipts – perfect for whoever is paying for you to fly! The best app for anyone who hates booking flights!


Ever wandered in a new city wishing to have someone to share the experience with? Look no further. Tripr has it all planned for you; it helps you find a like-minded travel buddy! Never fall in tourist traps again, with the Tripr’s amazing chat that allows you to get some of the locals’ best advice. Still not impressed?  With the app, you can also see if any of your friends are around, and plan fun activities together. Perfect if you’re on a business trip by yourself but want to meet and socialise with people other than colleagues!

Bleisure is the future

Sipping cocktails alone in your over-priced hotel bar is something from the past! Business trips, with the help of these amazing travel apps, have now turned into bleisure trips! Hassle free, stress-free, risk-free and surrounded with old and new friends, it’s time for you to explore!