Airlines change policies in reaction to United’s overbooking fiasco!

delta overbooking policy change

In a swift move, airlines are making reactive policy changes in the aftermath of the United overbooking debacle.

Delta has changed its compensation policy in relation to overbooked flights. Previously they offered between $800-$1350 at the max end of their compensation, which has now been amended to between $2000-$9950. Whilst Delta has a great run with overbooked flights, it is clear that they want to avoid any kind of situation like United has experienced in the past week. By upping their compensation cap, and giving more to passengers it shows an extending hand of care and that they take overbooking seriously.

American is also following suit of making policy changes in reaction to United’s poor handling of their overbooking situation. ¬†They’ve recently updated their policy stating that: “American will not involuntarily remove a revenue passenger who has already boarded in order to give a seat to another passenger.” In this point, they are making sure their passengers know that it won’t ever happen that if they have paid for a seat and have already taken their confirmed seat, they will be removed to make way for another passenger.

These actions show that airlines are taking how United handled their overbooking seriously, and do not want a repeat performance for their own passengers. Instilling faith in their passengers that something like this won’t happen when flying with them, and that there would be some real compensation available. It is a great move, to see that airlines are understanding passengers rights are very important, and are trying to make an effort to be transparent on their policies.