Should you ever buy airline miles outright?! If so, when?

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Right…so should you ever buy airline miles? What is the deal – with so many offers flashing in front of you, it can be hard to know when to outright buy airline miles.



when to buy airline miles


So, 9 times out of 10, when buying miles you’re going to be paying over what they’re actually worth…therefore usually it is best to not do it. UNLESS:

  1. To stop your miles from expiring: ┬áIf you’ve been under-active on a certain airline, within 18 months you can lose the miles you’ve racked up in your account. So, in this case you might want to buy the miles rather than lose them, especially if you’re short on time and can’t earn them.
  2. You need to make up the miles on an award ticket: If you don’t have enough earned miles to make the award ticket you’re looking at, then you could buy them. If the price isn’t outrageous to make up the difference, then it makes sense to buy the miles and get a really good deal on a ticket instead of leaving it.
  3. Buying the miles is cheaper than the price of the ticket: If you’re looking at purchasing an expensive ticket such as a round-trip first or business class, buying the miles for an award ticket can sometimes be cheaper than buying the ticket itself. So, double check the price of buying the miles that would make up an award ticket vs. the price of the ticket.

Make sure you only buy miles when it makes financial sense, as most times you’re overpaying when buying outright rather than just earning your miles through frequent travel.

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