New airline routes and world’s longest commercial flight!

Qatar-Airways auckland route

In the past week there have been some hot new airline routes cropping up that’ll have you dancing in your frequent flyer shoes!

First up we have Qatar Airways making a record breaking trip with their new Doha – Auckland route. This has become the world’s longest commercial flight racking up 14,535 km and takes 17 hrs and 30 mins. Currently there is no direct competition on this route and it will run a daily service – opening up a good through-route for Europeans looking to get to New Zealand easily. This marks the start of many new routes for Qatar in 2017, including destinations such as Nice, Las Vegas and Brazil.

In other news multiple airlines launched new routes, here’s a sprinkling of our favourites:

  • EasyJet launched a connection between Amsterdam and Budapest that’ll run three times weekly, creating direct competition with KLM who already serves this route with 20 flights weekly.
  • KLM returned to London City after not servicing the airport for eight years. Launching a connection between Amsterdam and London City that’ll run 12 times weekly.
  • Ethiopian Airways launched a route that will get people from Addis Ababa hub to Conakry in the Republic of Guinea, flying four times a week.

How do you think you’d fair on the worlds longest commercial flight…at 17 and a half hours, we’d have to really stock up on Games of Thrones episodes!