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Making it easier to conquer the world, with the app that books travel faster

Travel agent powers in your app

Built to perform under pressure

24/7 travel support via live chat

Ahoy for Executives

Who like to book their own travel

Just get it done

With the increasing pace and pressures of business growth, more travel is being booked last minute. Download the executive travel app to make quick bookings while dashing between meetings.


No. Surprises are bad. At least when it comes to your travel. When your booking says confirmed in Ahoy, it’s always confirmed.

Everything in one place

Upcoming business flights, a boarding pass sent to you 24 hours before your flight, and when you get home, all travel invoices easily exportable, making business travel expenses a breeze.

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Ahoy for Assistants


Our business travel software makes sure all bookings are truly and immediately confirmed, and just as easy to change or refund your bookings.


We know you have more important things to do than to dig through emails, or wait on hold with an airline. Use our executive travel software to keep overview of heavy travel schedules and multiple executives travel profiles

A step ahead

Get timely flight updates, clear trip details, transparent booking rules, 24/7 executive travel support, hold multiple flight seats, easily keep track of hold deadlines, and much more.

The goal is to keep you in control of basically everything.

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