When you
need a flight
on the fly


And still have all your invoices and trips in one place

Flight booking for busy people

300+ airlines

Book flights from over 300 airlines, including low cost airlines, such as Ryanair.

Auto Check-Ins

Don't worry about check ins, we'll do it for you, so you'll travel stress free

Instant Changes & Refunds

Transparent rules for changes and cancellations, available at your fingertips

Forward Payment

Book your flight and then ask someone else to pay.

24 / 7 Chat Support

Wherever and whenever you need us, we'll always be there to help.

Flights & Invoices in one place

Get all your flight information and invoices in one easy place with our web app.

Prefs & Miles auto-added

Set up your profile once, and have all your flight preferences and your miles added to the booking. Just like that.

Web, iOS, Android

Ahoy is available on all leading platforms.

Offline Mode

No wifi? No problems! You can access all your flight data in offline mode.

Real-Time Availability

Never miss out on a great deal again, with real time flight search results

Miles tracking

Keep on top of your miles easily with our miles tracker.

Simpler way to approve others' flights

Invite your people who fly
Flyers find the flight & forward to you
You review details, & approve payment

Flight is booked immediately

It takes on average 5mins to receive confirmation after flight is approved

Flyer has all info and 24/7 support

Flyer receives all the details to app & email. Agents are available 24/7 to help if needed

You have all invoices & overview

You receive emails with invoice or can export a CSV file of multiple invoices

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dispersed teams

Simple pricing

  • 10€ bookings
  • 20€ changes
  • 30€ refunds

We do not add markups

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