Triin Avikainen

Executive assistant and travel manager for betPawa - a sports betting company targeting African markets
80 Employees

What are are your main goals as a business?

We provide a simple mobile-web sports betting platform to football fans. We are currently growing quite fast, launching into new markets, and working on integrating our support, tech, finance, and marketing teams across borders to better serve our customers. It's important to maintain great relationships with our suppliers, and stakeholders in the different markets, and keep our different teams informed, and on the same page. For all these activities to succeed demands in-person meetings and subsequently a good deal of travel.

What challenges led you to look for a flight booking solution?

We operate in 6 countries at the moment, and expanding into a number of new markets this year. We wanted to make sure the management team doesn't need to track down their staff’s invoices and enable all expenses to be filed and sent to finance on time for the monthly management reports.

What made our product or service stand out against our competitors? (if you looked at alternatives)

It was hard for us to find a travel agent that operated in a way that we could keep expenses and payment solutions controlled centrally, without making things more complicated for our people who travel a lot.

Having a company that operates in developing markets, across time zones, and often have people travelling in the weekend, it was also important for us that there was full support around the clock for travelling staff.

How did you hear about our product or service?

I knew someone who was using Ahoy for their company, and they said we should give it a try.

Did it meet your expectations? (you can be honest :)

Our frequent travellers think its really convenient. The small extra price is really worth it. They love the 24/7 chat, and the automatic check-ins really helps them. As they are always on the go, often with bad internet, it helps eliminate stress that they can book fast, get approval, and get their boarding passes sent to them.

For me its great that I have all the invoices so I don't have to bother the travellers to send me their expenses, and spend time figuring out whether actuals match the budgets. It would be even better if our expenses dashboard was integrated directly with our accounts software, so I’m hoping you get that soon.

Is there a particular aspect of the product and support that you rely on most?

The mobile apps, and travellers details stored makes it really easy for the flyers to book themselves, instead of asking assistants or others to book for them. Saves everyone a lot of back and forth and no need for travel details being sent around on email threads anymore.

The instant support on chat helps a lot as well, both for tech inquiries, and asking for product features or updates. The agents are also great at finding weird itineraries and routes that are time consuming to try and match together ourselves.

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