Katie Sarro

Managing Director for an Africa-based training and investment company
5-15 Employees

What are are your main goals as a business and leader?

We aim to find entrepreneurs across key African countries who have the most potential to create solutions and develop sustainable & profitable businesses. We offer them a solid foundation through training programs, and then invest to help them get the best chance at achieving success.

What challenges led you to look for a flight booking solution?

We operate across 6/7 countries now and travel a lot across them for finding entrepreneurs, partners, and new members of the team. With this much travel, and coordinating events, or meet ups, its essential to maintain overview, and know that when plans change, I wont spend all day reshuffling travel arrangements.

What made our product or service stand out against our competitors? (if you looked at alternatives)

I travel a ton for work and Ahoy saves me countless hours on everything from booking flights to tracking down invoices for my expense reports.

The team also gets back to me right away - and with some pretty crazy requests that would take me forever to look up, compare prices and book on my own.

What was most important to you when evaluating your options?

Travelling between the US, Africa, and sometimes Asia, means that I need a travel agent or solution where I know I can get ahold of someone any day any time.

Did it meet your expectations? (you can be honest :)

While travel is always exciting, it can also be daunting to plan with all the options available and cluttered recommendation sites, I really can't imagine my travel experience without Ahoy and I hope I never have to!!!

Is there a particular aspect of the product and support that you rely on most?

If I need a one-way flight the next day to Nairobi with 2 roundtrip inter-African flights intertwined? No problem - and not only that, I'll get a response in minutes, based on criteria I've selected (price, number of layovers, length of layover). Bonus: all my frequent flier numbers are synced with every booking so I never miss out on points, they know I only ever want an aisle seat and vegetarian meals AND if I need anything done quick, I have 24-7 support.

How is Ahoy helping you save time or increase productivity?

Managing quite a lot of projects with a small team means we need to focus on only the stuff that matters. So, we always look for ways to get rid of tasks that are not at the core of what we do well. Using Ahoy means we don't have to worry about how we get around, and can focus on why we’re going there.

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