GetPassbook converts your PDF flight boarding passes into mobile passbooks for Apple Wallet & Google Pay.

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Type in your email and click GET PASSBOOK is able to convert boarding passes only for future flights.
We do not support boarding passes from the past.

Convert any boarding pass to passbook that works on iOS and Android.
You will get both Passbook for Apple Wallet and Google Pass for Google Pay.

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1. Can I use GetPassbook to add my boarding pass pdf to Apple Wallet?

Yes. Whilst it’s not possible to directly add a pdf to Apple Wallet, GetPassbook is a free pdf to wallet tool that easily allows you to add your boarding pass pdf to Apple Wallet by converting it to a passbook. Simply upload your pdf boarding pass to GetPassbook in the module at the top of the page and enter your email address. Click ‘get Passbook’. GetPassbook will then email you a passbook that you can add to your Apple Passbook Wallet.

2. Can I use GetPassbook to add my boarding pass pdf to Android Wallet/Google Pay/Google Wallet?

You sure can! Just like Apple’s boarding pass wallet, the only way to add a pdf boarding pass to your wallet on Android is by converting it first. Simply upload the pdf to GetPassbook, our free pdf to wallet tool, and we’ll email you the file you need and you can breeze through security like a pro.

3. What do I need to add a boarding pass to Apple Wallet and Android Wallet/Google Pay/Google Wallet?

A picture of a boarding pass or a PDF and your e-mail address where you would like us to send it once converted into a passbook file. We’ll send the file there that will allow you to add a boarding pass to Apple Wallet and to Android Wallet/Google Pay/Google Wallet.

4. When you create a passbook for me, where does it go?

We’ll email you the files directly to the email you supply at the GetPassbook homepage. All you then need to do is add the pdf to the wallet.

5. Why should I convert a pdf to Apple Wallet?

For us as frequent flyers, speed is the biggest benefit that you get when you convert a pdf to Apple Wallet. The boarding pass is now available directly on your phone’s homescreen, no digging through your emails or printing reams of paper for all your flights. Simply tap the notification on your home screen, and it will open the passbook right away. No login or searching required.

6. What actually is a wallet pass?

A wallet pass is a file that our nifty tool generates from the info held in your pdf boarding pass. By converting to a wallet pass, you can easily add a pdf boarding pass to your wallet, for any type of phone you have.

7. What is GetPassbook?

iPhone users: GetPassbook is a revolutionary pdf to Apple Wallet converter that quickly works to create a passbook that we email to you, you upload to your iPhone-compatible pass wallet and then simply tap to scan from the homepage of your phone when you reach security.

Android users: It’s the same process as for iPhone users - just upload the file we email you to your Android Wallet/Google Pay/Google Wallet and simply scan from the homepage of your phone when you reach security.

8. Can you tell me how to use passbook for flights?

Absolutely! It couldn’t be easier. Simply upload your pdf boarding pass to GetPassbook and we’ll email you a file that will allow you to use a passbook for flights even if the airline of your choice doesn’t generate one automatically for you.

9. Why did you make GetPassbook?

We had a free weekend and decided that we’d seen too many people searching ‘create passbook’ in Google and thought it was time that someone made a tool to convert a boarding pass pdf to Apple Wallet and to Android Wallet/Google Pay/Google Wallet. A few hours and a few beers later and GetPassbook was born. What should we make next?

10. Can I use GetPassbook for any airline? For example, can you help me get a RyanAir boarding pass on my phone?

Yes! GetPassbook is designed to be used with any airline’s pdf boarding pass, as long as the flight is in the future. Simply check-in online, upload your pdf to GetPassbook and we’ll email you the file to add to your passbook wallet and in two simple steps you can view and use your RyanAir boarding pass on your phone.

11. I’ve chosen to add the pdf to Apple Wallet using the GetPassbook pdf to Apple Wallet converter - what do I do next?

When you get to the airport, simply open the passbook file from your home screen and scan directly into the boarding pass reader at security. No need to print anything or download any new apps, the passbook is available directly from your built-in Apple Passbook Wallet.

12. Can I use GetPassbook on an Android phone?

Of course! While the tool was first built to allow our frequent flyers to add a pdf to Apple Wallet, we want to help our Android users as much as our Apple ones. When you generate a passbook, we send you two files - one for iPhone and one for Android. Upload the relevant one to your device's pass wallet.

13. I like to store memories - can I generate apple wallet passes for previous flights?

No, GetPassbook can only generate apple wallet passes for flights that haven’t yet taken place.

14. I’ve heard people talking about how to convert a pdf to a pkpass - is this the same thing?

Yep! Choosing to convert a pdf to a pkpass is just another way of saying that you’re converting a pdf to a file to add to your Apple or Android pass wallet. If you have any other questions on technical pass lingo, just let us know!

15. Where do I find my boarding pass wallet?

Your boarding pass wallet isn’t a separate entity, it’s just another name for your Apple Wallet or Android Wallet/Google Pay/Google Wallet. You’ll find all your boarding passes in there! Either open your Wallet app to find passbooks, or if it’s the day of your flight, a notification will appear on your locked homescreen. You can simply swipe from there and you’re on your way.

16. Can GetPassbook help me add any pdf to my wallet?

Sadly no, you can only add a pdf to your wallet through GetPassbook if the pdf is a boarding pass for a flight. Got an idea of a travel doc you’d like to add as a pdf to your wallet? Send us a note!

17. Is it safe to share pdf boarding passes with an app?

It’s totally safe to share your pdf boarding pass with GetPassbook to convert it to a passbook file for your Apple or Android Wallet. GetPassbook is a part of AHOY, a respected travel company built by frequent travellers and dedicated to helping business travellers focus on what matters. With GetPassbook, you can get through security faster and keep all your boarding passes together in one really easily-accessible place. We use military-grade encryption and no-one has access to the info that you share when the pdf is converted to a passbook. We’ve converted 30,000 pdf boarding passes into convenient passbook files and made 1000s of travellers happy - come and join the community!

18. Where do you get your airline reviews?

From you! We’re building a community of frequent travellers who love to share their experiences and reviews of different airlines, routes, and planes - all to help each other know what to expect and become better at winning when the world is their workplace. When you use GetPassbook, we’ll send you an email after your flight asking for your flight review or airline review - share info with us and review the journey and help other frequent business travellers win. We also share the airline reviews automatically on our Twitter feed so they’re always easy to find. There’s no charge or any hoops to jump through to access the flight reviews - we’re just all in this together, helping each other be better at business travel.